Colombia / Decaf Cadefihuila


Colombia / Decaf Cadefihuila

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This is a Sugarcane E.A. decaffeinated blend of coffees from Cadefihuila, a cooperative in Cauca, Colombia. It is grown by a group of 15 farmers across the Pitalito, Acevedo, and Palestina districts at elevations between 1700-1850 masl. The varieties found in this particular blend are castillo, caturra, tabi, and colombia. During processing this coffee has a 20-26 hour fermentation, followed by 18-30 days of sun drying to reach optimal moisture content for export.

Tasting Notes
Caramel, black cherry, nougat

Farm: Cadefihuila co-op
Region: Cauca
Altitude: 1200-2100m
Variety: castillo, caturra
Process: Sugarcane E.A. Decaf

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