El Salvador / Finca San Rafael

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El Salvador / Finca San Rafael

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:: Description ::
There is something particularly special about “Finca San Rafael,” which has been a family estate for more than 100 years. In the 1930’s, Sr. Alberto Pacas Figueroa started experimenting with the varietals of coffee on the San Rafael farm to identify the highest yielding trees. He was most successful with Maragogype, San Ramón Bourbon, Arábico & Robusta and focused his production on these varietals. Productive capacity increased dramatically with some varietals yielding 80 to 100 quintals (100lbs) per manzana (1.68 acres), so much so that the farm began to receive international attention.

This coffee flourishes on the slopes of the active volcano, Ilamatepec, Nahuatl for “Volcano of the old lady. Finca San Rafael consists of Strictly High Grown (SHG) coffee, cultivated at more than 1,400 meters above sea level, under the shade of very large and old trees. Each cherry is carefully picked by hand, washed with rainwater, and dried in the sun on concrete patios. The family is proud to produce the coffee the same manner practiced by their great-grandparents, and to be working with the same local families that have lived on the volcano for many generations. 

The family is based in the historic city of Santa Ana, near Ilamatepec, referred to as “Sihuatehuacán” by the ancestors, meaning “city of the sorcerers and wizards.” The Pacas family believes that this same magic is instilled within the passion and care given to the production process. Aviles Pacas Hermanos is a family company that takes great pride and pleasure in caring for their coffee throughout the production lifecycle, allowing them to maintain the highest standards of quality.

:: Tasting Notes ::
Cherry, white grape, vanilla, smooth finish


:: Farm ::
Producer: Avillas Pacas Hermanos
Farm: Finca San Rafael
Farm Size: 25 manzanas
Region: Santa Ana Department
Altitude: 1450m
Variety: Bourbon, Pacas
Process: Washed

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