Tanzania / Mara AB

An example of raised drying beds
An example of raised drying beds

Tanzania / Mara AB

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:: Description ::
Tarime District is one of the six districts of the Mara Region of Tanzania, East Africa. 90% of coffee producers are smallholder farmers, owning between 0.5 to 3 hectares, and less than 10% of the coffees are grown at estates. Similar to Kenya, coffee came with the French missionaries in the late 1800s, and was planted around Kilimanjaro for the most part.

:: Tasting Notes ::
Peach, vanilla, dark chocolate, lemon, grape, complex

Farm: Smallholder Farms
Region: Tarime District
Altitude: 1300-2000mm
Variety: N39, Kent KP432, K7, K9
Process: Washed

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